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Sep 15 – 17, 2020, Beijing·Langfang China.        CHINESE | ENGLISH


Supported and co-sponsored by PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd., PetroChina Pipeline Company, Sinopec Pipeline Storage & Transportation Co., Ltd and other China pipeline construction and operation companies, organized by Langfang International Pipeline Exhibition & Conference Co., Ltd., the 11th China International Pipeline Conference & Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "pipe conference")2020 will still be held on November 12 to 14 at China·Beijing·Langfang. The scale of this event is expected to reach 35’000 ㎡, and more than 300 enterprises from 35 countries and regions globally will participate in the event, that will make the event become a well-known leading event for oil and gas storage and transportation industry.

Since the first China International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition held on 2002, after 18 years of steady development and 10 sessions of successful, the event has attracted many world's top 500 enterprises to participate, such as Total, ExxonMobil, Caterpillar, ABB, Honeywell, GE, BASF and so on, as well as famous industrial enterprises in China including Offshore Petroleum Engineering, CPPE, Southwest Pipeline, West pipeline, PetroChina, Sinopec, etc. Many of them take the China International Pipeline Conference & Exhibition as the only exhibition to attendant. After years of development and brand accumulation, the event gained plenty of world-famous association and contractor to participate which include Enbridge, Saipem, GEOSTOCK, FLOUR and so on. As the scale of the exhibition continues to increase and the activities gradually become authoritative, the event has become an indispensable platform for exchanges, cooperation and exploration among global oil and gas storage and transportation enterprises.

The China International Pipeline Conference & Exhibition 2020 will conduct 56 activities include equipment exhibition, summit, salon, skill competitions, business negotiation and celebration, etc. By establishing a professional and time-oriented platform, we will coverage high-end resources worldwide to foster new drivers of industry development and share new achievements in industry innovations. Thus, we sincerely invite you to attend the event.

Come up with the International Pipeline Summit Forum, the China International Pipeline Conference & Exhibition 2020 brings together industry experts and participators to explore a showcase of over 300 enterprises in the relating industries and discovery the latest pipeline technologies, products, and services.

Summit Forum 2020

Technical Seminar (35seminars)

Competitions of advanced ...

Award ceremony for industry ...

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Higher customers' quality and quantity, direct communication and negotiation to find more new business opportunities;
Larger exhibition area and higher degree of internationalization;
Wider media coverage and greater professionalism, already cooperate with 58 influential industry related social medias and achieved all-around promotion including network, magazine and newspaper.
Richer exhibits and higher technology content. This conference will highlight on innovation, and the selection of exhibits will be extremely strict. New techno-logies and products representing the highest level of pipeline industry worldwide will be selected for display.
Top level of summit, wonderful concurrent activities and more technology-oriented topics during the summit and panel, that focused on the development of the entire industry chain of oil and gas pipeline.

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