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Sep 15 – 17, 2020, Beijing·Langfang China.        CHINESE | ENGLISH

The Exhibits Content is listed as following.

⚫ Steel and other material pipe lines and pipe fitting.

⚫ New materials of pipeline construction and other construction machineries.

⚫ Pipeline exploration, detection, survey and mapping.

⚫ No-Dig technology and equipment.

⚫ Pipeline welding technique, equipment and materials.    

⚫ Fluid machineries include compressor, pump, valve, measuring instrument, etc.

⚫ Pigging equipment and materials.

⚫ Optical fiber, optical cable, cable, UPS switch-gear, etc. 

⚫ Pipeline protection technology and materials.

⚫ Pipeline inspection, maintenance and repair.

⚫ Explosion-proof products, fire alerting, safety and labor insurance supplies.  

⚫ Intelligent pipe include SCADA system、security warning and other energy big data, Internet of Things, AIT, etc. 

⚫ Natural gas and gas pressure regulation and control.

⚫ Mobile power station, electric generator set and other power equipment.

⚫ Ocean engineering construction and single point mooring. 

⚫ Pulp pipeline、petrochemical engineering technology and equipment. 

⚫ LPG pipeline,LNG receive technology and equipment. 

⚫ Oil and gas infrastructure construction.

⚫ Pipeline research departments and design institutes.   

⚫ Other related services, advanced technology and products.

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