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Sep 15 – 17, 2020, Beijing·Langfang China.        CHINESE | ENGLISH

Quick Search of FAQ

Q: When will the conference and exhibition be held?

A: September 15th to 17th, 2020.  To find more. 

Q:How can I get to the conference and exhibition venue?

A: The venue is at YouYi Road, you can get there by bus or taxi. To find more. 

Q: What is China International Conference & Exhibition?

A: It is a platform provided to meet the entire industry chain needs of oil and gas and energy storage & transportation. To find more.

Q:Howcan I attend the event?

A: You could both register online or contact us.

Q:How can I become an exhibitor?

A: Please contact usto get more detail.

Q: What kind of dress code required for the event?

A: We strongly recommend you to wear business suit and professional shoes for the event as exhibitors, conference delegates or speakers. If you are visitor only, smart casual will be totally fine.

Q: Where I can get detailed exhibitor information?

A: Please contact us to get more details.

Q: For sponsorship or media support?

A: Please contact us to get sponsor program or media kit.

Q: Can children attend this exhibition?

A:Due to the professionalism and industry pertinence of this exhibition, we do not recommend children under 16/14 years to attend.

For more general question or inquiries, please contact expo@pipechina.net.

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