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Sep 15 – 17, 2020, Beijing·Langfang China.        CHINESE | ENGLISH

Personal Visit

If you are interested to visit the exhibition, please register online or contact us

Group Visit

As the most influential pipeline event, we sincerely invite members and employees from industrial associations and companies to visit in group.

For teams of no less than 15 people from the same organization or enterprise, we provide the following valuable services:

      Access to the separateteam registration desk for quick admission;

Have the opportunity to enjoy the conference transportation bonus;

Each team member will receive a delicate gift include event guide, e-newsletter and so on, and the team organizer will receive a special gift.

Team photostaken by event committee.

All team can tell visiting purpose to the committee in advance will get assist in meeting relevant exhibitors;

Assist in arranging local accommodation.

As in return, we require:

20 people or more from the same organization or company, and a guarantee of no less than 15 people in attendance;

Team members have to be managers, R&D staff or procurement staff from petroleum, petrochemical, offshore engineering, pipeline, natural gas and other energy engineering related industries.

To visit in group, please download and complete the Application Form and send to expo@pipechina.net, or contact us directly.

We will response within 5 workdays after submission of application form.

Deadline for group visit application is November 05, 2020